They do exist – sustainable solutions to the massive problems of our times but they rarely make it into the mainstream media. goodGURU invites wise pioneers and inconvenient lateral thinkers to regular evening lectures in order to popularize their theses.  » German

The quarterly series of lectures serves as a focal point for establishing a community of people who are no longer content with the status quo, who advocate deep humanistic values, who fight for visions and are ready to accept responsibility for the crisis-ridden planet.  » German

For this worldwide growing interest group we are planning a medial companion, a publication which promises orientation and clarification – as the first integral social magazine in the world. Later on goodGURU will be expanded into a brand that stands for a sustainable lifestyle.  » German

goodGURU shall become the nucleus for a new way of thinking. Ideally its circulation will lead to other debates and thus to a change of consciousness and conduct of more and more people – away from an ego-driven economy to a constructive and considerate togetherness.  » German

Third goodGURU Lecture

Cracking up our family traumas

Everyone who thinks World War 2 is over is in error. The war – and to make it more general: all great wars! – are still going on in many of us. The traumas of our ancestors, as long they are not being processed emotionally, are still weighing upon the souls and the genes of the children and grandchildren – with all terrifying individual and social consequences.

Berlin therapist Gabriele Baring is an expert on the field of trauma treatment. In the third goodGURU Lectures on June 11th she will explain the connections between the formative experiences of war and the inheritance of psychological and physical diseases. And she will point out how we can get rid of these heavy burdens to live a free and truly independent life.

There are still vacant seats for the lecture. You can reserve your seat via e-mail to The entry is free.


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